Political dialogue only way to address Kashmir problem: Yashwant Sinha

Yashwant Sinha

By Muslim Mirror Desk,

New Delhi: Yashwant Sinha led citizen’s group on Tuesday, expressing deep anguish over the recent escalation of violence in Kashmir, has called for a political dialogue to end the seven decade old bloody conflict.


The statement by the group -which also includes former National Commission for Minorities chairperson Wajahat Habibullah- reads “While picking up arms by the militants is bound to attract the use of force against them by the State, intensifying the confrontation can only worsen the situation. The solution to the present crisis in J&K lies in dialogue at the appropriate political level. Only by winning the hearts and minds of the people can their faith in the political process be restored.”

The statement was also signed by author Rajmohan Gandhi, former Delhi High Court chief justice A P Shah, former special secretary in the cabinet secretariat Vappala Balachandran, former air vice marshal Kapil Kak, former secretary in the ministry of external affairs K C Singh, senior journalist Bharat Bhushan and Sushobha Barve of the Centre for Dialogue and Reconciliation.

Indirectly referring to various hate speeches by ruling party’s leaders and ministers the group said “ What is worse is that the violence shows no signs of abating. In fact, it is being stoked further by unrestrained public statements by various actors and the talk of revenge.”

It is pertinent to mention that large number of youth are again picking up guns in valley, as dialogue less political conundrum continues.


  1. I don’t want. to sound non-serious, but we have been doing for the past seven decades (whopping 70 years), what call it in one word “title”. Was it anything different than dialogue? If not, will it work this time? What is the guarantee? I don’t see much difference. I submit a more humanistic solution, based on the three-four main faiths of India, viz., “treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself, had you been in their shoes. To illustrate, I would use the example of GWB’s Iraq war. How did the Iraqis treat the US president? With shoes, not with flowers. I humbly suggest that Abu Gharaib and the misbehaving American soldiers developed an environment that perennial hatred developed between the civilians and the army. Something similar to this is happening in J&K. That needs to be addressed. If we go to the table with the attitude majority is always right. If you don’t take it, you are “desh drohi” (under sedition, so to say). There is nothing to negotiate. The majority is right. If not, others will be made right by majority’s might. History of J&K during the post-1947 era, after the colonizers were gone don’t look hopeful for another round of dialog. Some fresh approach seems to be in order. I wish good luck with that.

  2. Mr Yashwant Sinha is speaking good sense. Good political dialogue is essential for establishing peace and security and justice.

  3. Make J& K as Friendship state among India Pakistan and Kashmiris and let Kashmiris deal themselves internally without change of LOC with free movement .The external affairs should be jointly dealt by India and Pakistan as friend .Otherwise let them be in conflict for ever as planned by British at time of independence

  4. Yashwanth Sinha only talks s**t when he is out of office.
    What was he doing when he was minister ??
    There is only a military solution, look at Afghanistan, everyone said no military solution, only political solution, but Taliban proved that military solution was the only solution.


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