Political parties used secularism: Amar Singh

Amar Singh

Kolkata : In a bid to remain in power and fulfil their interests, the concept of secularism has been used by many political parties in India, Rajya Sabha Member Amar Singh said here on Saturday.

“I think the concept of secularism has been used time to time by many political parties showing no mercy in order to either remain in power or fulfil their interests,” he said speaking at a debate, organised by Indian Chamber of Commerce.


Quoting names of politicians, he said, “I am giving you examples. Present West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was a minister in the Atal Bihari-led NDA government. Now, she is a secularist. Ram Vilas Paswan, who was also a minister in the Vajpayeeji’s government, had left from it protesting the Gujarat riot. Now, he is a minister of Narendra Modi-led government.”

Secularism should not be viewed as appeasement, he said, adding that the present practice of secularism is “distorted” and there is a need to explore the “exact meaning of secularism”.

Secularism calls for brotherhood among people of different communities, he added.



  1. Amar Singh is right as he is talking from his own experience of being a so called a “Secularist” and a Hindu baiter all his life. The word secular was never in Amdekar’s constitution and no muslim complained in 1947 as to why is missing. Indira Gandhi inserted word Secular in indian constitution during emergency time and muslim have milked it thoroughly to their advantage by having 3 second divorce and 4 wives. If Muslim personnel law is to be for marriages, duvorces, halala, marriage age of girls as per quran then why muslim discard same quran in India for crime sentencing like public flogging, Limb chopping as practiced in Saudi Arabia and in many Muslim countries. Tell me one personnel secular law they follow. For Muslim, Hindus should become Secular but Muslim will stay medieval Muslim still in 14th century

    • Does anyone in India take Amar Singh seriously at all?

      What Muslims do in their own sphere and their own private life (Muslim Personal law) is their birthright in this world’s largest Indian democracy, and we respect and love Dr Ambedkar for this fair constitution. It is none of your business to interfere in uninvited.
      If you like responsible limited polygyny in special circumstances , nikah halala, meher, widow- remarriage–you are welcome to join Islam.

      Muslims don’t insist on Muslim Sharia criminal law, otherwise all today’s rapists and mob-murderers would be stoned to death in public.
      Also all Vijay Mallyas, Nirav Modis , Mehul Choksis, Adanis, etc would have both their hands chopped off in public and be sentenced to life-long arrest and rigorous daily community service of the poor and down-trodden.

  2. I was reading comments, no Muslim personnel life and laws matter to people around. With 4 wives, muslims are changing sensitive Religious demography in India. Even when a Muslim does, he or she takes Sarkari Government land to bury. Vijay, Nirav etc are not Muslim and not entitled to 4 wives. If Muslim insist 4 wives as per quran then whole quran or sharia be imposed on them. Public flogging can bring in lots of revenue. In my view, Muslim are simply unfit to live in any non Muslim secular democratic country any where in world. India is supposedly solved hindu muslim problem in 1947 but seems letting muslim live in India was a great historical mistake. Even today. Hindus and Sikhs slaughtered in Afghanistan. Sooner or later, Muslim will make India Myanmar. Today, unlike 1947, no Gandhi, Nehru, Muslim Nawabs,Muslim Army or Muslim police. Sooner or Later, Muslim will do stupidity as Sikhs did in 1947 and then Muslim refugees camps will be Pakistan. Muslim must clear Hindu doubts. Today muslim are chanting Dalit Dalit more than Allah. Just imagine Muslim demand of reservations with 4 wives and 30 children and all on reservations. Enough.. lets have referendum in India and see if Indians want Muslim in india or should be repatriated to Pakistan or other Muslim countries.

    • Your antidote is a little education and love for the Creator and human race!
      read government statistics for more than one wife–more in Hindu brothers than poor Indian Muslims.
      read Indian freedom struggle–martyrs–more Muslims.
      read “Indian Missile Man”—Dr A P J Kalam– Muslim son of a muezzin of musjid.


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