Poverty couldn’t rob of their dream to become doctors, thanks to Al- Ameen Mission


Md Hossain  studied under street light once; he will be a doctor via Al-Ameen.

By Muslim Mirror Network


Md Hossain has proved that to be successful, poverty or any other hindrance do not matter. Overcoming all difficulties in the way, he has cracked the medical entrance examination (NEET) this year; merit being the only arsenal he has. His mother, Akhtari Begam, on hearing the news, bursts into tears. So did his mentor Uma Chakraborty. The General Secretary of Al-Ameen Mission, M. Nurul Islam has expressed great satisfaction.

Hossain comes from Khalpar slum, adjacent to G.J Khan Road, Topsia. The lackluster slum lies at the backyard of the posh Science City. Dire poverty engulfs every family of the neighbourhood. Almost all the families earn livlihood from leather industry; even children are not spared. They are anemic, lacking vitality. Md Hossain, grew up in this sort of circumstance. His family is big; seven brothers and sisters, parents. Mohammad Sahabuddin, his father, cannot work as he is old now. A tiny rented space adjacent to a Club Room in the G.J Khan Road; the nine souls huddle inside. The income of his eldest brother, Mohammad Aftab cannot meet the expense of the family. The minimum rent curtails usage of electricity. Hossain had to study under the street light. A volunteer of a non governmental organisation, Uma Chakraborty saw this. She understood that this talented boy would go a long way.

She contacted M. Nurul Islam and convinced him about this meritorious student. He admitted Hossain in the Paikpari campus in class V with minimum monthly fees. Hossain, at that time, vowed to become a doctor and serve the society. So began his journey. In the Madhyamik examination, he scored 94.70% marks. Then he moved to Khalisani branch and secured 84.20% marks in the Higher Secondary examination. He took coaching for the NEET from Uluberia campus. His All India Rank is 22,227 and the score sheet is 592 out of 720 marks. Hossain’s dream to become a doctor is taking shape now. Reacting to his successful journey, tears ran down from his mother’s cheeks. She expressed her gratitude to M. Nurul Islam and Uma Chakraborty. But for these two persons, this would have been impossible to achieve, she said.

Mohammad Hossain too did not forget his past. The architects for his achievement are M.Nurul Islam, Uma Chakraborty and Piyali Chowdhury, one of the organisers of the NGO. He also said, he is very satisfied with the result and want to serve the poorer section of the society. Naturally, Nurul Islam too is very happy. He said, Al-Ameen Mission was established mainly to nurture the minority Muslim community and bring them into the mainstream education system. Many boys and girls from remote parts of Bengal have become doctors and engineers through the Mission. Mohammad is one of them. He has cracked the Medical Entrance examination. We are overwhelmed by his success.

Asmatara Mondal lives in Bogdahara, Bankura. According to her, with Al-Ameen’s constant support, her mission has been accomplished. Her NEET score is 569 with rank 34384 (AIR).

Her mother, Manwara Mondal is no more. Her father, Rahamat Ali Mondal, a small farmer, with much difficulty raised nine of his children- six daughters and three sons. Asmatara dreamt of being a doctor while she was studying in her village school. The concrete step towards fulfilling her goal came in 2017, when she was admitted to Al-Ameen Mission and passed out H.S from the Medinipur campus. She came to the Khalatpur campus to take coaching for NEET preparation. Last year, when a lockdown was imposed, she had to leave the campus. But the preparation continued. For NEET 2020, Asmatara got her examination centre in a school located in Howrah- a long distance from where she lived. While she started for the destination at the dead of night, her car had a breakdown in Tarakeswar. To cut the long story short, the Mission took the initiative to take her to the exam centre by a car. Her NEET score was 457. Again she came to the Mission for preparation during the lockdown in November last year. With a couple of other students she started the preparation. But again there was a lockdown and she was compelled to return to her home. Through the Zoom meeting, she remained in contact with Mission authorities. Now that the dream has been fulfilled, Asmatara says categorically, without Al-Ameen Mission this would have been impossible to achieve. Minimum fees, maximum care- that is what one gets here.

My brother Robial Mondal had also helped me. Presently, he too is preparing to take NEET from the Mission. Hard work is the key to success. Indeed, all out effort and the blessings of Allah makes all the difference.



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