Ram temple construction will begin by year-end: Subramanian Swamy


RAM_MANDIR_SEMINAR_2692280fNew Delhi: BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy on Monday reiterated his claim that the construction of the Ram temple at Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh will start before the year-end.

The process to abrogate Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir will begin by the end of 2017, Swamy said at a daylong ‘Samvad’ programme organised by Hindi news channel India TV.


“The Ram temple’s construction will begin by the end of this year. All stakeholders are in favour of the Supreme Court hearing into the case on a day-to-day basis,” Swamy said.

“If it happens, the judgment will be delivered in only a few months,” he added.

Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen leader Asaduddin Owaisi, who was also present on the dais, countered Swamy’s contentions.

“It’s just not possible as even the translation of the court documents will take six months,” he said.

Owaisi also challenged the BJP MP’s claim on abrogation of Article 370.

“Article 370 is a binding factor to keep Jammu and Kashmir united. Till the time the article is there, we will be able to keep the state united,” Owaisi said, adding that Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Taking a dig at the Bharatiya Janata Party, Owaisi said the BJP leaders forgot Article 370 when they finalised the power-sharing formula with the People’s Democratic Party in the state.

“The BJP has been exposed,” he said.

The Lok Sabha MP from Hyderabad also said that a uniform civil code is not possible in India.—IANS


    • My Dear RSS

      Why you are in hurry to build the Ram Temple because you will not get worshipers as the whole world will be brought under one banner of Islamic faith very shortly.

      • we hindus want ram mandir at ayodhya, one of the most sacred place of hindus but muslims have problem even with that because you want to wipe out others, as written in your comment.
        but remember, those who dig pit for others, fall in that themselves. so it may happen that whole world may reject islam & then you can’t stop other’s temples & churches.

        • Dear HinduJi,
          When Mr Nehru was asked if He believed in Ramayana He replied Ramayana contains the story of Arabian Nights. In Hindu India, there was no Muslim Historian so Hindus wrote & composed what ever they whimsically could.
          We find Ram was a Israeli Son of Hezron.
          Then Ramayana contained the IMGAE Story of Arabian Nights and
          the wife of Holy Abraham whose wife was kidnapped by Egyptian King.
          Ayodhy is a man made story of Ram Birth place. If All Hindus Idol worshipers become Muslims then hell has to be
          closed so enjoy with Idol loves & nudity of Krisna Leela.
          The pit was Dug first on Ayodhya Mosque by Balbir, but He now became Muslim &
          His friends who urinated on the bricks of Mosque ,became insane & wanted to rape his own mother . They accepted Islam & now have written a long message for
          Hindus. Read & learn to stay away from Idol worship.

          • we have our idols but we don’t have sange aswad, kaaba or shaitan stone. neither we say that one can’t be muslim even if worship allah, he has to worship muhammad to be muslim.
            hindus worship one god in diverse form. but we don’t have false monotheism like islam.

        • My Dear Hindu,

          I have no intention to wipe out the religion of others. I highly respect the religion of others. You can see from the teachings of Prophet Mohamed (SAL) that “To you be your religion, to me be mine”. We strictly follow this.

          What I am trying to say you is that I have mentioned only my believes in my comment.

          Thanks for giving me an opportunity to get cleared myself.

          • this quote of quran was not a peaceful quote. i know the full verse. this verse was written to start war with kafirs. so don’t use al taquiya & try to fool kafirs. we know real face of islam.

        • @hindu…..so saffron hog seems you have finally got over with the hangover of you unholy gaumutra cola….hinduwaadi scum i have a question for you and all hindutwaadi bastards of this forum….if you see and feel all…negative atributes…in islam and muslims…then why the hell do you and your shitty saffron clan appear on this forum to puke your hate n spite….why don t you ll create your own…hindumirror.com……to prove n validate your unimpresive dialogs and silly comments….next time think twice …. shameless hindutwaadi bastard….if your are indeed ” a man “……hell to hindutwaadi and itz filthy scums.

          • hey akbar
            i have no problem with muslims but see your language. your type of muslims are problem for islam & humanity. your type of muslims kill innocents citing quranic verses. i question that.
            i want progressive muslims to take lead & reform islam & kick out your type of muslims.

          • @hindu….again shows your retarded attitude…it seems my comments pricked your arse….you are at liberty to spite hate n contempt on islam….and YOU want reformist islam/muslims….saffron scondrel ” muh pae raam ..aour bagal mein churi ” is your ideology that emanates from the gutter of hindutwa…first seek to inquire about the part by part mass murders of innocent minorities esp muslims…by your bhagwa thug brigade and then advice me on peace……go and read your hate gospel of your satan guru ‘ji ( we and our nationhood efined ) by madhav sadashiv golwalkar and (satyartprakash) by swami dayanand saraswati…care to reform your bhagwa devils …togadias…sadhvi prachis etc..awaidhyanaths and all assorted sanghi cowards….so hindutwaadi bastard you are indeed ….not a man…but a perfect 5+1 = 6 ‘er…..get that straight in “proper language “……..HELL to HINDUTWAAD.

  1. It has been proven in High Court that there was a temple below Babri Masjid. Babar destroyed ram temple & built masjod. Hence, Ram temple should be built in Ayodhya. I do not understand why muslim community opposes Ram temple even after scientific proof?

    • My Dear Patriot,

      The whole world is turning to wards Islam by adding thousands to its account daily from various faiths and Almighty Allah (SWT) is doing this to protect the Mecca and Medina from people like you. Therefore it will never happened as you dream.

  2. @patriot…..annadiRAM shows what sort of “true patriot” of patriot indian league you belong to…after all what else can be expected from bhagwa’di deshbhakt who has all n all enimity and jealousy for islam……raam laalla ko jagaah naa sakae….mandir bananna sakae …aour abh yeh bhi hammaara aour woh bhi hamaara……your coward breed can only bark n dream….no doubt mughals for 550 years and british for 150 years ruled over your varsh……and now bhagwa’di scoundrels you ll have come to….realise …..how brave are you lll….garr bumm mae hai dumm toh kuttohn ki tarah bhokon nahi…..hell to hindutwaad.

  3. Even Kaba was also a lord Shiva temple. This temple was destroyed & they built Kaba on Shiva temple. Prophet Muhammad’s uncle was lord Shiva’s devotee. Hence the ritual’s followed in Kaba as exactly same as Hindus follow at Shiva temple.
    However, hindus should not claim Kaba to build Shiva temple again. We should be happy with only 3 places Ayodhya, Kashi & Mathura.


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