Seminar in Faizabad; Activists flay politics of polarization

Calendar release on Indo-Pak friendship
Calendar release on Indo-Pak friendship
Calendar release on Indo-Pak friendship

By Muslim Mirror News,

Faizabad: At discussion on ‘Terrorism is the biggest threat to humanity’ organized at the Press Club Faizabad by Manav Ekta Manch, on Saturday in the memory of Mahatma Gandhi, speakers condemned the politics of polarization played by communal forces in the country saying they are trying to muzzle the voice of dissent.


Prof Chauthiram Yadav, author of many books, talked about how citizens have always been made divided and deprived by those who are powerful. He talked about caste and sub caste system, feminist revolutions and dalit atrocities. He highlighted various forms of terrorism that is affecting minds of people and those who are trying to speaking against the powerful have been made silent. “Examples of Rohit suicide and Kalburgi and Pansare‘s killing are nothing but an act of terrorism”.

Ravi Nitesh, founder of Mission Bhartiyam and member of Aaghaz-e-Dosti, said how terror is spreading not only physically, but ideologically too and even by state. He talked about global terrorism that is war for natural resources and economy, to regional cases of religious extremism, oil politics and disputes of land and borders and to local acts of terrorism through ideological spread of falsehood and ideas of dividing people by certain groups and spreading fear in to them for vote benefits.

Yugal Kishore Shahstri, a renowned social activist and 16th witness of CBI in Babri Masjid demolition case, deplored that people are continuously struggling against communal politics.

“How it is very shameful for us, as a secular country that we fight on the name of religion and even we killed people on the name of religion”. Shahstri expressed concern over the flourishing of Godse sympathizers as they have no fear of law.

Social activist Haji Afaaq said terrorism is a threat and it should be condemned and countered by all. Muzammil Fida, a shayar of Faizabad moderated the session.

On the occasion, Indo-Pak Peace Calendar of Aaghaz-e-Dosti was released meant to spread message of peace and friendship among two countries. This peace calendar is initiative of aaghaz-e-Dosti, an Indo Pak Friendship Campaign and includes 12 paintings from school students of India and Pakistan on ‘Indo Pak Peace’. This is 4th year of Peace calendar. A delegation of activists including Ravi Nitesh, Yugal Kishore Shahstri and Gufran Khan later met with Chief Priest of Ram Janam Bhoomi Acharya Satyendra and also presented the Peace calendar to him and received his message for Peace.


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