‘Sir Syed Mission Awareness Programme’ held at Dept of Education

Prof. Shakeel Samdani addressing

By Muslim Mirror News, 

Aligarh: Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s tireless efforts to impart modern secular education leaves an exemplary mark in our history, said Prof Mohammad Tariq Chattari, Chairperson, Department of Urdu, Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), while speaking on ‘Sir Syed and Aligarh Movement’at the Department of Education. He was addressing ‘Sir Syed Mission Awareness Programme’ organised by the Sir Syed Bicentenary Celebrations Committee as the Chief-Guest.


Prof Tariq Chattari added that Sir Syed’s vision was to establish a college which was in sync with British education, while retaining cultural and religious identities.

Dr Faiza Abbasi, UGC HRD Centre, AMU said that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was one of the first voices of reform in India at a time when Indian society was sunk in obscurantism and inertia and when many communities showed no desire to struggle out of their medieval grooves.

Prof Shakeel Samdani presenting memento to Guests

“Sir Syed faced the unwholesome influence of clergy who viewed modern education as incompatible with and hostile to religion,” said Dr Faiza.

The Programme Coordinator, Prof Shakeel Ahmad Samdani emphasised that AMU occupies a unique place among pre-Independence universities and carries an identity which depicts the idea of India in its character of pluralism, inclusiveness and unity in diversity and it is because of this University, the Aligarh city is known all over the world.

Prof Samdani added that Sir Syed’s efforts persuaded common Indians to acquire western education which improved their socio-economic conditions and it was due to his influence that oppressed communities came into lime light and started taking part in every social matter.

Dr Shariq Aqeel, CMO, University Health Centre said that Sir Syed strongly advocated for Hindu-Muslim unity and he was a free-thinker with progressive views on the rights of women and the education system. “Sir Syed’s world-view was way ahead of the times back then,” pointed Dr Aqeel.

Winners of Quiz Competition

Speaking on Sir Syed’s vision and mission, Prof Mohammad Parvez, Chairperson, Department of Education said that Sir Syed’s holistic human development was firmly anchored on his adoption of a scientific approach and it defined his outlook towards education that forged Western knowledge and cultural and religious sciences into a single curriculum.

Zeba Muneer, Fatima and Huma Khan also expressed their views.

Prof Gunjan Dubey, Prof Ziaur Rahman Siddiqui, Dr Zeb un Nisa Khan, Dr Poonam Chauhan and Dr Shahla S Shaheen were present on the occasion.

Huma Khan conducted the programme, while Dr M Shakir proposed the vote of thanks.


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