SteriPlant “Sanitising Water” launches in India

Mr. Jorg Peter Kalt speaking

By Muslim Mirror News,

Patna: In a bid to free food, water and air from use of dangerous chemical and toxic, an unique 100 percent organic product SteriPlant “Sanitising Water” has been launched in India by a Thailand based company ActiwaSwiss here on Wednesday.


“We are here to replace chemical pesticides in agriculture to minimize use of chemical in food industry. Our product SteriPlant, Sanitising Water is only of its kind in the World to purify water, food and air” said Mr. Jorg Peter Kalt, CEO of Bangkok based ActiwaSwiss, who has formally launched this Sanitising Water in Patna, first time in India.

“After hit the international market including in USA, Australia, to Europe, Asia, SteriPlant has now come to India. We have launched our product SteriPlant, sanitizing water” said Jorg Kalt.

Jorg Kalt, a Swiss national, who is the brain behind Sanitising Water product, which is a highly effective and safe sanitizer for purification of air, water and food, told MuslimMirror that it is electric activated water with a very high oxidation reduction potential and eco-friendly. It is also a natural sanitizer reliably and effectively eliminates harmful micro organism from water, air and food.”

It is hundred percent natural non-toxic and chemical free disinfectants based on positively charged water. Ninety nine percent of all pathogen bacteria, virus and fungi get neutralized by contact. It has no side affect at all for use in agriculture, food industry, drinking water purification, hospitality and personal hygiene”.

According to him, use of SteriPlant Sanitisiing Water in agriculture is very efficient as it can reduce the use of conventional pesticides currently used by farmers. Take for example its use for production of drinking water from river water, lake water, spring water to rain water. Even it decent realized water filtration in isolated villages without electricity and temporary water supply in disaster areas. SteriPlant Sanitising Water easily removes all particles, bacteria and larger viruses from food items, he said.

Air Freshener by ActiwaSwiss is an all purpose, all natural and all powerful odor eliminator that permanently gets rid of odors. It works with strong odors like cigarette smoke, sewer smell, paint fumes, eco-friendly, non toxic, biodegradable.

He claimed that SteriPlant Sanitising Water is hundred percent safe as it has been in use by people in USA, Switzerland, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, and Cambodia.” After India, we will launch SteriPlant Sanitising Water in Brazil by middle of 2018”.

Jorg Kalt said India has a huge market and potential for our product is high and bigger.

ActiwaSwiss’s collaborator in India is a Patna based Angel Water Solution Pvt. Ltd. They are setting up a plant near Pawapuri in Nalanda district to produce SteriPlant Sanitising Water here to market across the country.” It will take nearly ten months to start our factory in Bihar in India. We will bring machines for it from Switzerland. Only machines will cost 200 million dollars. It is a very big project.” Jorg Kalt said.

Angel Water Solution Pvt. Limited’s managing director Mohammad Ariful Hoda said process of land acquisition for the factory is in advance stage and we hope to start construction within two months.” This Sanitising Water is a rare product which is going to be a need in every home in India in future.”

Hoda said “We will also start a research station facility because our target is to closely work with farmers producing potato, vegetables, paddy, wheat and maize”.


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