Stop non-sense debate on UCC: Jamaat e Islami Hind

Nusrat Ali
Nusrat Ali

By Muslim Mirror News

New Delhi:  In the wake of the Delhi High Court judgment that dismissed a PIL seeking implementation of uniform civil code, Jamaat Islami Hind on Friday said the aimless discourse on uniform civil code should be stopped henceforth.


Welcoming the verdict, Jamaat general secretary Nusrat Ali said the bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Justice R S Endlaw has rightly pointed that every religion has different set of rules and beliefs that cannot be wiped out and make a uniform law.   He also pointed out that the UCC issue is being raked up to deflect public attention from the real issues facing the country. He said it has become a handy tool for communal forces to whip up the passions of its hard-core constituency for political purpose


  1. we muslims are so happy with our quran guided rules.Nobody can make best DOs and DONTs rather than almighty allah.

  2. Muslims are desperately waiting to see a change in the personal law which is wrongly presented to them as as Sharia Law.

  3. can somebody elaborate me the issues of UCC,
    i mean what are the things which are different now, and will be made uniform, if so how.

    for instance, take festivals- muslims have ramzan, bakrid , etc,, hindus have ganesh, diwali, etcc.
    can they be made uniform.

    the procedure of marriage- way different, can it be made uniform.

    can somebody brief me on it.


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