“Why doesn’t anybody talk about Sangh leaders’s threats of creating private army of 15,000 Hindus”


Activists of Bajrang Dal hold their weapons in AgraBy Muslim Mirror News,

Shopian: AIP president independent MLA engineer A Rasheed has asked BJP leadership not to be under the impression that Sangh Parivaar can infiltrate into political scenario of Kashmir by hiring proxies.

While addressing party workers at Town Hall in Shopian today, he said, “There is no justification to the threats made by a senior Sangh Parivaar leader in UP few days back that Hindus of India have already lived under slavery of Muslim rulers for 1000 years and to defeat their designs and to prevent them further we are making a private army of 15000 Hindu militants.

He said nobody spoke even a word about this extreme provocation of RSS in India. Besides, RSS has been demanding introduction of Hindi instead of Persian and Arabic in Madrasas, which unfolds the threat to Muslims in coming days. The recent revelations made by President Pranab Mukherjee over Babri Masjid in his book are ample reason for any secular Hindu or a Muslim to not even think of aligning with BJP, one way or the other. The threats by senior BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, who is known for spreading venom against Muslims, that work on constructing Ram Temple will start this year, proves that for BJP even country’s President’s advice carries no meaning.”


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