ASPAIRE founding member Masood Rab passes away

Mirza Masood Rab

By Muslim Mirror Network

Founding member of Alliance to Save and Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists (ASPAIRE) Masood Rab, resident of Michigan, USA passed away on Sunday.


Masood Rab, originally from Hyderabad, was the founding member of the Muslim Community of the Western Suburbs of Detroit (MCWS) and the Crescent Academy. He was also the founding member of the advocacy groups, Coalition of Americans for Pluralism in India (CAPI) and Alliance to Save and Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists (ASPAIRE), through which he was constantly raising awareness about the plight of Muslims, amongst the American Muslim community and amongst American elected representatives, to convince them to voice their opinions against growing intolerance against Muslims.

Despite his illness in the last few months of life, he remained actively concerned about the Indian Muslims. In his 80’s, Masood Rab had been particularly concerned about the hurtful sentiments expressed against Prophet Mohammed,

He leaves behind his children Mobeen, Diba, Aqil, and Aliyah Rab, wife Zia Rab, brothers Maqsood Baig and Meraj Ali. Another brother Mashood Rabbaig too has passed away. His last rites will be held at MCWS.

Expressing his grief at the sudden passing away of his long term colleague and friend, and co-founder of ASPAIRE, Dr Shaik Ubaid stated, “Masood Rab was actively involved in advocacy till the very end. He would actively give us advice and directions and participate in remote meetings and discussions. May Allah SWT grant Masood bhai high stations in Janntul Firdaus and grant his family patience, comfort and solace”.

Unaware of his passing away, El-Hajj Mauri Saalakhan of The Aafia Foundation mentioned how he sent Masood Rab, his ‘brother in Islam, a father’s day greeting and enquired about his health, before he was informed of his passing away. He also mentioned how he had tried to meet Masood Rab, but was unable to do so, because of his sickness. He too offered prayers for the departed soul.



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