Assam is the biggest ‘anti-national’ state in India, says government data


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: If we believe in government data Jammu Kashmir is the least anti-national or rebellious state while Assam is the biggest ‘anti-national’ state in the country.  As per the NCRB report regarding crime statistics for year 2017, maximum sedition cases were registered in Assam.


According NCRB data as many as  160 cases of offences against the state were registered in 2017 , of which 51 related to sedition and 109 to IPC provisions on waging war against the state.

NCRB dats  for the year 2017 said the  maximum sedition cases were registered in Assam (19), followed by Haryana (13), Himachal Pradesh (5) and Tamil Nadu (3 each)

As for offences dealing with waging war against the state registered under Section 121-123 of IPC, a maximum of 29 cases were registered in in Assam , followed by 27 in Meghalaya, 15 in Karnataka, 10 in J&K and 7 in Nagaland.

Taking  jibe at hyper-nationalist news channel anchors like  Anjana Om Kashyap, Rohit Sardana, Rubika Liyaqat , Bhupendra Chaube and Sudheer Chaudhri Mr.  Navaid Hamid, President: All India Muslim Majlis e  Mushawarat  in a tweet asked them   ‘dare to do a show on TukdeTukdeGang

Its worth mentioning here that 30,27,661 persons had applied for inclusion of their names in the updated list of NRC Assam. More than 19 lakh people in Assam were excluded from the final list of the NRC that was released by the government on August 31 out of 19 lakh 13 lakh are non-Muslims while  6 lakh are Muslims.


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