Haryana double murder and gang rape : One accused RSS man another Modi Bhakt

Rape victims during a press conference with activist Shabnam Hashmi and JD (MP) Ali Anwar.

By MM Special Correspondent

Mewat /New Delhi, 7 Sep: The politics of hate is flourishing and the seeds of hatred sown by right wing groups belonging to RSS are sprouting forth their fruits across the nation.

The latest example of this hate politics and extreme communal hatred  is the brutal double murder of a couple and rape of his two cousins in Dinger Heri village of district Mewat in Haryana during the night of 24th August.

Four persons have been arrested so far for in connection to this shocking incident . The arrested men have no  criminal history but  were known to extort money from animal traders in  name of Cow Protection.

MuslimMirror.com in the previous report covering the incident has indicated the involvement of right wing Hindutva group in this double murder and rape case.Now the Facebook handle of two accused have confirmed that they are associated with RSS and BJP.

One Rape victim breaks down during a press conference in New Delhi. Activist Shabnam Hashmi consoling her , JD (MP) Ali Anwar can also be seen.Photo by MuslimMirorr.com.

Their crime and their utterances while committing the crime reeks unmistakably of extreme communal hatred.

According to the Facebook page of accused Rahul Verma he is an RSS volunteer. Apparently he had joined RSS after attending a RSS camp which was held at Saini Pura village  in April.

Another accused Rao Amarjeet is an unabashed Muslim hater and Modi bhakt. A picture of Narendra Modi was posted by him on 21st February with a self explanatory comment: ‘Muslim To Gye’.

Add to it the rape survivor’s statement that while committing the heinous deed the culprits had repeatedly said that ‘you will not be able to slaughter cow this Bakrid’.

‘All four are dead’ heard one of the gang rape victims who pretended to be dead, saying one attacker on his mobile phone.

This gruesome incident could be a part of big conspiracy by the right wing Hindutva groups to terrorize Meo Muslim community in Mewat region.


  1. When the media trial is getting started against Modi for influencing these men in spreading terrorism… Can any chaddi answer the question?

  2. I came to read this news in internet and was stunned. Such heinous crimes happening in India is a shame. Such criminals must be apprehended and given toughest of punishment. Also the source from where they are getting such strength should be put to trial. If Modi Govt. can not control such pathetic crimes, they must resign, if not, in next election they will be ousted by the people. We all citizens of India are brothers irrespective of religion one follows.

    • @ajay..brother peace be upon you..my salam.may your tribe increase…with people like you..this country will be a much much better place to live n dream a peacefull and prosporous india.

  3. Criminal hatred against Muslims is the most integral part of RSS. Persecute Muslims is what its cadres are trained for. RSS hatred for Muslims is due to the fact that these Muslims Sudras of the past dared to attempt social equality by changing religion. Mewat rapes & killings are no exception, there are hundreds of incidents where Muslim women were raped, mass killing of Muslims took place and localities after localities were burnt. The shocking part is that this gang is ruling India today.

  4. The RSS and BJP want to follow the spanish inquisition. They want to wipe of Islam from India. This was done in spain by coercing the muslims not to do any public acts of worship. Then it boiled down to not even allowing them to take bath during fridays.there were ppl appointed by the government to check suspected muslims households for more drainage wter released from any house on fridays. Such ppl where then tortured. They want to take the Islam out of Muslims. They will only be happy with muslims who worship what they worship and eat what they eat.

    By repeating such atrocities on muslims they want to scare the muslim community into submission of the Hindu way of life. But remember brethren Muslims submit only to Allah !

  5. Dear friends,

    I wish to say brothers and sisters we are human and we have our own culture we did not have any problem before now why these tings like cow killikng is not allowed where you can see 4 out of 6 are hindus who are beef exporters in India and am not blaming anyone just let us live what we are atleast consider us as human we dont want the peace to be disturbed in and around so just live and let live,afterall we are INDIANS,
    hink like aur brother ajay who has a good and best comment.


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