Imams council launches nationwide 15-day campaign against present government’s policies

Imams Council leaders address media persons

By MM Special Correspondent,

New Delhi: All India Imams Council of India (AIIC), a sole representative body of Imams in the country, on Friday announced a nationwide 15- day campaign for rescuing the country from the present ‘hopeless situation’ and ‘hateful’ environment. It alleged that since the present government came to power the country has been going on downhill in every sector and people have been suffering on many counts.


Addressing a press conference here at the Press Club of India, AIIC president Maulana Ahmad Baig Nadvi said the campaign’s aim is to bring people of all faiths and creeds on one platform for saving the country and Imam Council has billed the stir as “Let us unitedly save the country”. The campaign will begin on October 20 and come to an end on November 5.

He alleged that “fake encounters, interference in Muslim Personal Law, fascists’ terrorism in the name of cow, NRC, EVM, agencies and their unwanted use of peoples’ funds, assaults on dissent voices, demonetization, increasing inflation, anti-farmers violence and politicization of Babri Masjid title suit are the issues forced the AIIC to launch nationwide campaign.

Maulana Nadvi said The present BJP government in the last four and a half years rule has not fulfilled any promises.

Instead of that, this government has made false promises created lawlessness, used fake propaganda of ‘Achhe Din Aane Wale Hen’, which has compelled the people to voice their dissent against the d government, he said.

Imam council leaders also attacked RSS and its affiliates saying they have been continuously spreading hate and dividing the people on religious ground.

They recounted that journalists who differed with the present government, are killed or their voice is being silenced by arresting them on fake charges, same is the case with the NGOs which dared to expose the government, demonetization alone had taken the lives of over 100 persons. Inflation has been steadily increasing and the decreasing value of Indian rupee as well as farmers suicides .

Unlawful interference into Muslim Personal Law in the name of giving security to Muslim women, promulgation of Triple Talaq ordinance in haste, supporting homo sexuality and allowing adultery are the instances which would destroy the country’s social and cultural fabric, he said.

“In the name of cow’s protection mob lynching of innocent people has become a normal in the country, he said.

In the name of NRC in Assam 40 lakhs people are being declared intruders to polarize the votes. In all over the country, names of Muslims are being removed from the voters lists and even EVM machines use have been made totally doubtful, “ they said.


  1. Why don’t they try to improve the lot of their own community at the grassroot level where gambling, chewing tobacco, fighting etc. are the most common evils due to lack of education? The Imam Council should refrain from falling prey to any political party.

    • Instead of giving sermons from air conditioned houses, why we can not come to streets for the noble cause as told by you.
      Atleast they are doing something.

  2. I whole heartedly support the Imam council. They are doing great job. If one can’t participate,one should at least support. Call of Islam is first of to each individual. So look within where you stand in respect of obedience to shariah. Collective responsibility comes next. Besides each has a duty to practise and advocate it to others. Not the job of Ulama alone. Be grateful to them for all they are doing. Only the ungrateful ignorant do-nothing will blame them.


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