Safoora Zargar’s case is symbolic of total collapse of democracy : Justice Katju

Safoora Zargar

By Justice Markandey Katju

The case of the 27-year-old pregnant Kashmiri woman Safoora Zargar who is in Tihar jail is symbolic of the total collapse of democracy & state institutions in the country and reminds us of the notorious Dreyfus case of the 19th century in France, for which the famous writer Emile Zola uttered the word which is the title of this post.


A woman whose only ‘crime’, ( if it can be so-called ), is of protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act, has been falsely accused of instigating riots in North East Delhi, by manufacturing false evidence against her by the police.

False evidence used to be often fabricated earlier too by the police to arrest and chargesheet innocent people, but now it is being done on a much larger scale. The Delhi police, like the police in many states, has become a ‘caged parrot’, ( to use the expression coined by former CJI Lodha for the CBI ), but is the judiciary, which was supposed to be custodian of the Constitution and guardian of the rights of the people, performing any better?

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  1. Absolutely right sir. A total collapse of democracy and total failure from the central government to safe guard the democratic values in all aspects….


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