Three Khans of Bollywood avoid meeting Israeli PM, being applauded as ‘real heros’ on social media

Amir Khan , Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : While Amitabh Bachchan the  ‘Mahanayak of Century’  and his family  felt proud to pose for a  selfie with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu –  the three super  Khans  of Bollywood  Amir Khan , Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan avoided the event organised for Netanyahu.

Some section of media have got a chance to criticize this brave and graceful gesture  of   Khans and presenting their approach in such a way as if the they refused to meet Israeli PM because Netanyahu is a Jew.

On the other hand some Bhakts are also terming the absence of Khans from Shalom Bollywood event as an-anti national act.

The matter of fact is  ‘the super star Khans of Bollywood didn’t like meeting a person who an accused of war crimes, a bloody Zionist and mass killer of innocent Palestinian kids women and elders in cold-blood.

Amitabh Bachchan takes a selfie with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other Bollywood personalities during ‘Shalom Bollywood’, an evening to celebrate Israeli and Indian Bollywood relations during his visit in Mumbai on Thursday.(PTI Photo)

All three Khans are being applauded widely on social media for their humanitarian gesture and for playing the role of Real Heros’ by not attending  a function which was to boost Indo-Israeli cultural ties.

Another Bollywood actor Ejaz Khan  made a video criticising Bachchan and Karan Johar for having a selfie with Israeli PM Netanyahu.

Khans are not exceptional in this case  most of the renowned personalities of Bollywood  were absent from the function held in Mumbai.


  1. Yes that is indeed the true Humanitarian approach of the three most charitable superstars of India !

    Forget about the anti-national bhakts, anyway they do not care about love and humanity or peaceful India.

  2. only facist and opportunists shake hands with criminals. Mr B is a fake hero real heros stood bravely and showed the world that they are not just actors but act upon human values . we are with guys great job stay blessed

    • All Bachchans wanted was fame..they got it…the wrong way! Putting arms around a murderer Mr., . Fell from grace!
      Salute to all the Khans!.

      • For yr kind information none of the Bachans had visited Israel but for yr surprise Salman Khan had the only guts to visit Israel …And we Israelis Salute admire and love him for that … please go and check the history before u comment and sounds stupid..Go and find out the facts ..yesterday Syrian Government (Asad) killed 20 innocent children s till now the death toll has reached 500000+( innocent Syrian people).. no’s everyday rising ..

        • ????????….you mean he visited colonised and occupied Palestine…there is no such country as israel…it is the name the zionist have given to Palestine…One Palestine One Nation

        • Just chut up go and read you own criminal history of steaming palestinian land and killing thousands of children and women. Bunch of cowards!!!

      • Kudos to the Khans. They are the real heroes. Not the opportunists who don’t care for babies being slaughtered in the occupied territories.

      • Guess we are blind to Palestine acts of the issue and what about the JEWS that also was killed? So let’s hear from you 3 Khans about you neighbour Pakistan Prime Minister and you all of the same Faith, Don’t expect from educated people but it’s you Fame now higher than just movies,But not the same ratings.God bless those who stood with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu you Sirs made a greater history God of Abraham Issac Jacob bless you your families long life health he give to you and more..

      • Listen Again and Again even in the video he says even the shia or Ahulul Bayt Muslims converted Hindus . this despite the hindus given shelter to the prophets family and descendants and still the muslims continued to convert hindus instead of live with them in tolerance side by side. where as the hindus were tolerant they even went to save the prophets family in Karbala. Most muslim dont understand quran or islamic books this is the curse of the muslims

        I like to ask you herein to confirm the following verses from quran and clarify.

        Surah Fatir, chapter 35 verse 24
        Al-Quran 35:24

        Surah Rad, chapter 13 verse 7
        Al-Quran 13:7

        There was never a people, without a guide or messenger sent to them with the message of allah
        Do you agree.

        Surah Anbiya, chapter 21 verse 107:
        Al-Quran 21:107

        Surah Saba, chapter 34 verse 28
        Al Quran 34:28

        We sent thee not, but as a mercy to all creatures, and warning them against sin but most men understand not my message
        then how and why do muslims claim that all muslims will go to heaven and all non-muslims will not.
        Do you agree.

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        Surah Al Imran, chapter 3 verse 49,
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        Mohd is appointed as the messenger of children of Israel. This point is mention over 50 times in the Quran, but the muslims ignore this intentionally, because they want to hide these facts and divert the attention from questions regarding the killing of prophet mohammed and his kins by muslims.

        Then why do the children of hindustan (hind) need to follow the messenger sent to the arabs and children of Israel, when a messenger was sent to them in their own language why to they follow the messenger sent in arabic language.

        Allah does not say his message to other messengers was different but Muslims say this.

        Who do you want to believe the muslims or the word of Allah. The muslims who interpret that Mohammed is the last and final messenger of almight are putting words into allah’s mouth. The quran does not categorically say this anywhere.

        Also muslims hate Jews, muslims hate Israel, the muslims say the jews dont belong in Israel. If the quran has mentioned the children of Israel more then 50 times then why do muslims say the jews should leave arabia why do the muslims want to push out the jews in to the sea.

        Is it correct that 56 muslim countries have banned israel. When 6 muslim nations have been banned by US the muslim world made such big out cry. On what basis would you say the settlements by Israeli is illegal. the state of israel is 67 kms, this is less then the city of new york. so why do muslims all over the world believe the Israelis don’t have right over this land , infect it is other way round it is the muslim who are occupiers on the historical land of the jews. like you have right to live so do the israelis. infact the real fact is muslim for 18% of Israel population they are happily coexisting, but muslim dont want you to know that. Infct there no jews in arab land where as there were millions once upon a time ago This muslim behaviour almost replicates everywhere, in pakistan 22% of the population was hindu in this hindu land which is the birth place of vedas and sikh religion but today there are no hindus just 1%.. In afghanistan which is birth place of buddha there are no buddhists left today all killed.

        In bangladesh there were 29% hindus today less then 6% left. Does this show that muslims are not tolerant towards others who do not follow same religion as muslims, infact muslims not even tolerant to other diversions of islam.
        Prince Mohammed bin salman of Saudi 6 months ago gave an interview where he said Saudi was asked by west to fantasize and brainwash Muslims in south east Asia, he acknowledged that Saudi did do the task as requested by west. Do you thinks 90% muslims are not following quran or preachings of prophet mohammed they are following saudi arabia version of salafi or wahhabi islam which is not quite the

        Kashmiri muslims where even sunni and shia muslims exists have done exodus of hindus, killed them and destroyed their temples.
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        It is seen that shia muslims are following the path of sunni muslims not following the prophets preachings or ahlulbayt teachings perhaps there is infiltration of yazid muslims in shia community who divert them.

  3. It is improper to restrict the act of boycott to Muslim actors. There are numerous non-muslim actors too who did not attend. Editorials such as these must applaud them as well. We loose allies like this .

  4. Well done khans
    U all r real hero of humanities
    And shame to bachchan and karan johar
    And mr karana johar please stop advicing people as ur ot desrve for the same
    Till date i think u r sensible person but u r most blunt person

  5. Great gesture by all the 3 Khans to humanity – we are proud of you – Almighty Bless.

    This act of yours will send a strong message to all the enemies & killers of humans on this earth irrespective of what the Bhakts.

    Long live our Tiger, Raees & Dangal.

    • salute khan brothers. humanity is first. humanity is above ll the religions. Hindu, Muslim ,christian or Jew must not accept killers. Christians and Jews are former versions of Islam. we do not hate them or the people of any other religion. inhumanity is not an issue of religion. it is an issue with people. there is no need to hate people with different believes. yet we cant accept those who kill innocents.

  6. Are yeh sabbb fake hai film star
    Sabko.paisaaa chahiye.
    In sha Allah Israel toh dubegaaa waqt batayege.
    Jo log ko.maara gaya woh toh sabbb shaheed hua woh murda prime minister jahannum mein jayege… In sha Allah… Just waittt and watch

  7. All Bachchans wanted was fame..they got it…the wrong way! Putting arms around a murderer Mr., . Fell from grace!
    Salute to all the Khans!.

  8. I have talked to the Zionists in their talking rooms. They make a mockery of Prophet Muhammad, bringing all kinds of mudslinging on him. In fact these Zionists are the worst human beings I ever found among all races.
    When I combated their humiliating attacks against Muslims they threatened me that they would got me killed. I salute all three Khans and 4th Khan on video refusing Israeli PM to hand shake or make selfie with him for his killing thousands of innocent Palestinian children and elderly people. Amitabh family has lost all the respect that I had for them

  9. Well done Ejaz Bhai at least you have the courage of your convictions. Amitabh Bachan has finally exposed himself as a scum bag. He is a sell out -he will do anything for fame and fortune. That fake mask eventually crumbled!

    • True ….Ejaz has the guts to speak the truth…n applaud to all those even other then khans who must have not attended the function n stood by the helpless Palestinians……..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. I respect the decision taken by the Khan’s. They have every right to choose and they made the best decision. After all PM Benjamin Netanyahu is just a political figure with lots of baggage and blood on his hands and he is no hero to be posed with. His record speaks about his heroism…..

  11. More shameful is the PM’s exposure of who he is whom he follows, and how he ignores the feelings of his 1/5 of the population. Shame on him, his prejudice and above all the hidden RSS in present leaders like UPCM/PMNM

  12. Rwligioua common interst is bigger than national interest. True Muslims wouod never be friends with Israel and stand with Arabs as they have atood with Indians.

  13. Religious common interst is bigger than national interest. True Muslims would never be friends with Israel and would stand with Arabs as they have stood with Indians.

    • No one amongst Muslim Indians has any liking for Mr Hafiz Saeed at all, or for anyone who kills innocent people or incites others to killing !
      It is the RSS who love such people to help stroke hatred amongst peaceful communities–it gives them votes and election wins…

  14. But why the silent on atrocities of pakistan ..Isn’t muslims suffering due to foolish act of pakistan from afghanistan to india to bangladesh….

  15. What if Dalai Lama whom India gave a humanitarian gesture and allowed him and his other people to stay in a part of India wiil occupay the same territory and displace the natives and kill their woen and children and destroy their houses. How do then Indian feel. Will they to happen this. Will they live to Dalai lama. In the same way when jews were killed dragged out from the Europe Palestinian people gave them shelter. But by and by thse thankless jews with the intrigue of British displaced the same people who gave them shelter and wholeheartedly welcome these thankless people. And are now killing Palestinian people. INDIANS SHOULD THINK NOW OF Dalai Lama.

  16. They also also boycott Saudi regime for killing 1000’s of innocent yemen’s citizens, making kids starve and die. Bloody Hypocrite Khan’s.

    • I support u they should also boycott saudi but don’t think saudi Arabia represents islam i condenn the killings of innocent yemenis.saudi arabia is rather an enemy of islam that’s why us support the saudi regime infact israel also have very very good relations with saudi Arabia behind the veil.

  17. Applauds by whom
    It is clearly religious decide.
    No one from other religion applauded.
    They do not boicot Pakistan though Pakistan is unleashing terror on Indian killing our brave jawns. Khan’s exhibited duplicity and hypocrisy. They like it or not India embraced Israel and will continue.
    Why should other boicot. One has to respect the nation’s priorities. Nation first. Khans put religion first.

    • Both nation and religion together, Sir — it is very much possible.

      Muslims have always been true patriots to their homes and lands, despite the constant neglect !

      Let me make it easy for you to understand Sir…..

      If you have a Mother and you love her from the heart.
      You also have a Father and you love him as well.
      And you love your children and your wife and your brothers and sisters—all of them.
      You don’t want to leave anyone of them stranded–just to prove to someone.
      Who comes first–and who comes second—and who is third ?

      Do your duties conflict 0R do you try to find a peaceful middle ground, and are fair and loving to everyone around and serve everyone’s interest in best possible way ?

      (P.S…If you are an extreme hate-mongering bhakt—you will not be able to digest this common-sense understanding of love, sacrifice and being just !)

  18. We know Indians very well and we know how Bollywood has influenced many people around the workd,believe me all those who avoided the event are humanitarian HEROS not just the Muslim ones,all.They sacrificed fame and other opportunities just to express their humane grieve for those suffering in Palestine.And believe me Mr B has just asked to be dropped of Fame.

  19. We know Indians very well and we know how Bollywood has influenced many people around the workd,believe me all those who avoided the event are humanitarian HEROS not just the Muslim ones,all.They sacrificed fame and other opportunities just to express their humane grieve for those suffering in Palestine.And believe me Mr B has just asked to be dropped of Fame.

  20. Well done the Khans of Bollywood and all others who chose not too attend! You are the humanitarians of Bollywood! Our respect for you!

  21. Amitabh Bachan, too bad the philanthropic, wise and kind-hearted roles that you played in the movies failed to shape you. All are pure acting. Shame on you and the people with you!!!

  22. Ajax Khan must learn how to behave and talk, he must arrest and send jail, what the big deal about 3 khan, people don’t watch all there chip movies

  23. Three khan hav more gutz about to deal the people…..benzamin is a criminal so why u bother these three handsome about asshole benzamin

  24. What the khans did is a typical act of stupidity. The wahabist tendency is too glaring to be missed. Why is the same attitude not being shown to Pakis by these wahabi khans when Indians r being killed by Paki army hooligans from across. The wahabi bhakths population is also on the increase in India. The leftist media is feeding them for their nefarious ends.

  25. Atrocities by Pakistan in Afghanistan and Baluchistan are horrible and unforgivable. Pakistani dogs Murdabad! Murdabad to Indian Muslims silent about atrocities by Pakistan in Kashmir. Murdabad!

    • Khan sahab thora above the situation hokay sochain…India Pakistan..came to existing not because of common man in Pakistan or India. We were divided by people from higher authorities…and we still keep getting caught in this trap don’t you think?

  26. I’m sure Khans did what they had to do. Morally right thing to do. But what it shows is that how as a society we have drifted apart where today your concerns or you morals do not apply to me so I’ll still go party. ..

  27. My salute to 3 khans and shame on bachhan’s family for shaking hand with murderer. May be bachchan family took money for this show.

  28. I am standing againt the big b (amitab bachan)
    I agree with ajaz bhai.
    What he has said it all correct. Peoples who are standing with isralie dog , bloody bastard , his own mother fucker, who has kill many innocent childrens,mothers,sisters in palastine, and our great modi ji who is shaking hand with israil pm he dont know what he is doing , israli is for no one even do he can fuck his own mom who has given him birth, he will distroy our country like a toy , i am agree with ejaz bhai . I support him hats of bro.
    (Imam said agar aap zulm dekh raha ho tau uske liya lado nahi pehche bhago , ya hi bhul apka dushman ka aur hosla bada deti hai , wo dushman apka ghar ma ake apko barbad kar sakta hai.)

    • My family live in Malappuram, constantly stones are pelted by chanting yr gods name. can u explain the verse in quran telling to kill minorities, or they pay tax….

  29. Hats Off to all Khans. The Indian and Israel both Prime Ministers are killers in Gujarat and Palestine respectively. Marriage between India and Israel not made in heaven because both are unable to know the definition of heaven. Both are having pool of blood in their respective hands and killers of innocent muslims.

    • hahaha … dumb ppl chk the latest statement by SRK on modi in Davos … And stop talking abt modi when court released him of all charges and start thinking how to get Naik back

  30. Azaz khan you talk about israel..Israel one day will do shit to india….Whay dont tell about Pakistan…wohi banday zo 30 lakh lokko ko katal hamari bangladesh mei or hajaro mabehen ko raap kia….or wohi pakistan jo hajaro terrorist logo ko mara ehi india me

  31. For me amithabachan is femal… he is not human… he didn’t care for children around the world whose country is in war… fuck you Bachan family.. well done khan may Allah bless you…

  32. Consider the accomplishments of 15 million jews to 1.5 billion muslims. The khans must be embarrassed of their ilk 😉

  33. Kudos to the Khan’s. May Almighty Allah bless you all! I am totally disappointed in Amitab Bachan taking a selfie with a blood-sucker, a killer of innocent women an children. I call on all Muslim world to boycott anything Bachan. He is an heartless human being that had no feelings for oppressed women and children. Today I throw away all my love for him.

  34. Blah, blah, blah, the same old Muslim narrative of playing the victim, self-pity, blame the non-Muslim for everything that affects them, and outright lies and distortions of history. Remember Bali, Brussels, Orlando, San Bernadino, Paris, London and NY, all recipients of Muslim love.

  35. The simple truth is they can’t put country before their religion. The whole world knows that Israel is hated by most of the islamic countries 🙏🙏


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