BJP lost all three assembly seats in by-election in Uttarakhand It is a gift to Modi: Prof Bhim Singh


unnamedBy Abdul Bari Masood,MM News

New Delhi: Reacting to the bye-election results of Uttarakhand assembly, National Panthers Party leader Prof. Bhim Singh said it is a gift to the 60 days rule of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “A person who was hero 60 days back has lost the battle on the ground which BJP considered as their home ground,” he quipped.


Prof Singh warned the rulers of India who just are completing 60 days in power that the people of India can no longer be fool under the hollow slogans or communal instinct which has been proved by the innocent people of Uttarakhand.

The Modi government completes 60 days and Uttarakhand slaps BJP in all the three Assembly bye-elections. Interestingly, two of the MLAs were elected to the Lok Sabha with massive mandate and the villagers/farmers have shown Modi government a  way by a strong warning that the people want peace, prosperity, development and to ensure that National Integration is strengthened.

“The people of Uttarakhand have proved that they shall go for an alternative which can address their local problems and ensure them full social security”.

In his message to the States which are going for Assembly elections in the near future, he said that the Modi factor is no longer effective because it has stood exposed on price front, on internal security front and of course on law and order as well. This is the situation of Modi factor on completing 60 days. What shall be the outcome in the next 60 days, can well be imagined by the elite class which is expert in changing colours with the changing of times and power.


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