Donald Trump: A live grenade !

Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Yunus Patel

Donald is courting Putin, for the sole reason that he wants to neutralize Putin, when he carries out his evil designs upon the world. He would achieve this with Putin as his lap dog.


At the moment there is a move by Russia and China, to unite in mutual benefits to both countries.

If Putin goes in with the USA, then there would be move to destroy China and then Russia.

There is also a bond with Russia, China, Iran and possibly Turkey.

Trump has evil designs for the world particularly the non European countries. He would cite terrorists attacks (which he would stage manage, false flags like Bush on IRAQ) and wipe out countries in order to steal their mineral wealth.

Trump argues that he would put money in the pockets of his supporters.

First of all his supporters are made up of hillbillies, people with little intelligence, who drop out of school as they find it difficult to educate themselves.

Then how is Trump going to put money in their pockets , if they cannot apply for high paying jobs, because of their lack of grey matter and hence their inability to educate themselves.

Surprisingly the main stream newspapers in America and Europe, have not picked up these facts or they do but choose to keep quiet and encourage Trump, that he is on the right path, so that these medias have something to report on (usually in  shocked tone , but they knew all along ).

Unless Trump literally means that, steal money from other nations and dish it out to the ignoramuses.

This man is a live grenade.


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