‘Dubious’ Maulanas convene closed door Jirga on ‘political scenario’

Ugly brinkmanship in the offing’

By Special Correspondent

New Delhi: A “closed door meeting” involving Muslim community leaders, including some dubious  Maulanas, held here on Wednesday to “chart out a strategy” to deal with the increasingly hostile socio-political situation vis-à-vis minorities, Muslims in particular, in the country.

While nothing in concrete came out in the open from the closed-door meeting, sources confided to the Muslim Mirror that most of the participants “have record of dubiously using political brinkmanship for their own interests.” The meeting, dubbed ‘Jirga for Strong India’ – a term borrowed from Afghanistan meaning consultation – broadly stated to set up “a platform” to oppose the contentious citizenship regime and other anti-people policies of the Narendra Modi government.

The sources, however, said that they “smartly stated oft-repeated claims to support the weak and marginalised” only to “protect themselves from community wrath”.

Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani presiding over the Jirga.
Maulana Muhammad Wali Rahmani presiding over the Jirga.

A journalist, who is in the know of the meeting, told Muslim Mirror that the “Maulana is known for organizing such meetings to serve his own interest. Notably, one of the tall figures in the meeting was part of the mega “Save the Constitution and Save the Nation” rally in Patna a couple of years ago which ended up in securing an MLC seat for an Urdu newspaper journalist in Bihar legislative assembly.

Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad Naqvi also can be seen.
Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad Naqvi also can be seen.

In the Wednesday meeting, he was not in the forefront but used his proxy to extend an invitation to people for the meet.

The proxy is a discredited person in the community who was made a member of the All India Muslim Personal Law Board by him despite knowing he had indulged in dubious activities during his stint as the Delhi Waqf Board member. It is said he was the person who invited community leaders for the meet.

Undoubtedly, there were some leaders who participated in the meeting who had impeccable character and their sincerity towards the community’s cause cannot be doubted. However, it is puzzling how they were trapped in this.

The journalist said the community should be made aware of such self-styled leaders who are having “ulterior motives” behind such exercise using Muslim Personal Law Board platform to achieve their self goals.

Most of the Maulanas who were present in the meeting are members of Board.

When one of the expected attendents inquired about the agenda of the deliberation, the proxy reportedly told him that the Maulana wanted to set up ‘sort of a platform having representation of Muslim bodies’, to chalk out future course of action’.

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  1. Jirga 😂
    No wonder they are inspired by the ‘Afghanistan politics’ and have the same world view.
    Koi Bhartiy bhasha ka shabd chun lete to ghat jaate kya?
    Har waqt algaav ki ye koshish hi yahan tak laai hai Maulana.

    • Dear Sheeba,
      I am not a supporter of these maulana’s nor do I know what benefit the the Muslim community will get based on this jigra, however my question to you is What is wrong in using the “Jigra”, even the word “Sarkar” is not is not desi, it was used by Sher Shah Suri, stop licking people’s feet and try to show yourself as secularist and desh bakht like andh bakht, before writing in anything on such forum please understand the repercussion it has got.
      What algaav ki koshish these maulana have stop demonizing them with having iota of knowledge, on the contrary ill informed people like you have done more harm to the Muslim community and others, please refrain from making such insane and irresponsible statements in future.

    • Dear, you are using the language which is “English” and which I suppose is least desi which you are talking about.

      Now the question is why did you use English language. And the answer is that certain languages are fit for certain situations and places, for example here on the internet most if the thing is in English language and you want to reach to most of the people because most of the readers here understand English on the lingually diverse Internet that’s why you used English, however I am sure you know the design language but still you used English.

  2. What’s problem in use of jirga, we borrowed all the political system and their jargon like parliament, assembly, whip, treasury benches, opposition , , speaker and what’s not.so do you call them separatist terms?

    • What have you done for the community? Posting some rubbish nonsense on internet!!!
      It’s easy to find fault with others you dislike, but very difficult to put oneself into their shoes and walk a mile.

  3. This itself to awaken the community of such rubbish maulanas whose only objective is to serve their own interest. Rehamnai, jawawd, aijaz type maulives, what they have done for the community.Can u explain?

    • What have they dine for the community… Moulana Wali Rahmani: initiated “Rahmani 30” giving giving free education, lodging and food to the needy students around the nation and several IAS and other posts are acquired by his students around the nation. That’s just and iota of information on what have he done, there are a list if works he has done not just for the community but for the nation is whole.

      Just because we the youth have disassociated ourselves from the Moulanas having a pre- perspective in our head that moulanas are just the waste of time doesn’t mean that the reality exists only to our perspective and opinion.
      Go read more about him.

  4. Unfortunately, 99% or more are politically foolish and nonsensical people. They utilise so called Islamic appearance and beards just for butter & bread.
    I’ve been a witness of some of their meetings during 92 & 93 in Mumbai and Delhi and I was shocked by the immature, impractical and unethical discussions took place.
    They make people feel like that they are sincere in solving Muslim India’s Issues but actually they are just covering each other’s stupidity.
    I apologise in advance for any discomfort felt while reading my opinion.

  5. Why to pay heed to the discredited lot. They dont do what they ought to do, but remain every ready to do what they dont know at all. Instead of raising awareness about democracy, human rights, civil liberty, they often try to fish in muddy water. Poor.

  6. they smartly stated oft-repeated claims to support the weak and marginalised only to protect themselves from community wrath.

    What a powerful sentence ! In Muslim Mirror ! What irony !!!!

  7. Maulana Wali Rahmani has a respect and honour .We all have regards for him but there is a saying Man is known by his surroundings,which our Maulana saheb has to learn and filter his associates.

    • Late Moulana Wali Rahmani R. A. had more knowledge about people than we can think of, and he called this meeting for surely something above the internal collisions, for a good above hate and disharmony among ourselves.


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