NCPUL slammed for inviting RSS leaders to academic seminar


Prof Irteza Karim (extreme left) and Indresh Kumar (third from left).

By MM Special Correspondent

New Delhi: Urdu NGOs working for the development of the  language have slammed the National Council for Promotion of Urdu Language (NCPUL)  particularly its ‘spineless’ director  for inviting RSS leaders including Indersh Kumar for an Urdu event. The NCPUL had organized a seminar on topic ‘The Roadmap for Promotion of Urdu, Persian and Arabic’ at the India International Center on Thursday here in which RSS leaders were invited as chief guest.

Samajwadi Party MP Javed Ali khan who is also a member of NCPUL Governing council has also objected strongly  the misuse of NCPUL by RSS functionaries.

Urdu Development Organization (UDO) said it is matter of concern that the RSS’ interference has been increasing day by day in the Urdu’s largest official body since the BJP’s coming to power at the Centre. Expressing his apprehensions, UDO’s general secretary Dr Lal Bahdur underlined that a RSS stooge was made the chairman of the NCPUL’s governing council who has nothing to do with the academic activities of   Urdu language. He took strong exception for extending invite to Indresh Kumar, whose named was cropped up in Ajmer Dargah and Samjuhta Express blast cases, and others to the Seminar as they did not belong to  any academic fraternity.

True to his color, Indresh Kumar spoke about Muslim Personal Law and so-called pitiable condition of Muslim women and also lectured the audience about ‘nationalism’, Dr Bhadur said.

‘ It was a seminar on promotion of languages not on communal agenda of RSS but  Indresh ji  used the occasion without any regard to the organizers, and the audience and gave a  ‘didactic’ lecture on “ RSS –brand nationalism and patriotism”  while the organizers did not show any gut to stop him from speaking’ ,  the agitated Dr Lal Bhadur said.

He advised RSS leaders that instead of preaching ‘nationalism’ to Muslims, they should concentrate on doing away the caste system and plight of Hindu women from the Hindu society.

Since the BJP came to power, he alleged that RSS and its ilk have been meddling and influencing into the porgrammes and activities of the NCPUL as it issued a circular asking authors and writers to submit a declaration that their work is not anti-government, it winded up Islamic cultural committee and others.

Many Urdu writers and authors hold a very dim view about Prof Irteza Karim, the  director of the NCPUL who lacks guts to resist the dictates of RSS people.


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